sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

STATE ALUMNI - Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund

State Alumni is pleased to announce the launch of the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) to offer alumni of United States government-funded exchange programs the opportunity to address global issues on a local, national, regional or international level.

Alumni can submit proposals up to $35,000 USD in the following categories or combinations thereof:

Democracy and human rights; Economic opportunity and prosperity; Women’s empowerment; Promoting a better environment; Food security; Global health; and Outreach to marginalized communities.
Important Notes
Project ideas and later proposals must come from:
Teams of 10 or more alumni of recognized U.S. government-funded exchange programs or Current participants of U.S. government-funded exchange programs*; and Registered members at the State Alumni website. Alumni may locate other potential team members through the Find Fellow Alumni feature on the website. All alumni submitting proposals must be residing abroad and U.S. alumni may partner in the execution of projects. Funding will be dispersed through a U.S. mission overseas, so all projects must take place in a country with either a U.S. embassy or consulate.

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